1942: Dr. William Ritter establishes Ritter Veterinary, located on Woodland Avenue in Centralia.
1943: Dr. George Duby joins Dr. Ritter, practice becomes Ritter & Duby Veterinary.
1945: Practice moved from Woodland Avenue to Long Road.
1949: Building located at 1210 S. Gold St. constructed, practice once again relocates.
1951: Practice run until this time as a 2-person partnership. First associate hired.
1957: Spring: Everett Macomber employed as an assistant to run Brucellosis tests from Twin City Sales & Chehalis Livestock Market.
Summer 1957: Everett employed as a kennel attendant while attending Centralia College, later employed as a receptionist.
1963: The now Dr. Everett Macomber hired as an associate this summer.
1965: Dr. Macomber becomes a partner, practice becomes Ritter, Duby & Macomber.
1967: Dr. Ritter retires following a major heart attack.
1968: Dr. Al Wesselius joins the practice as an associate this fall, intending only to stay a Year and then return to school for an advanced degree to become a professor. He’ll retire 33 years later.
1970: Dr. Wesselius becomes a partner, practice becomes Duby, Macomber & Wesselius
1972: Dr. Steve Whearty joins the practice as an associate, intending to also only stay a year and then return to Montana. He’ll retire from the practice 35 years later.
1980: Dr. Duby retires, practice becomes Macomber & Wesselius.
1995: Dr. Chris Affeldt joins the practice as an associate.
1999: Dr. Affeldt becomes a partner, forming Macomber, Wesselius & Affeldt Veterinary.
2001: Dr. Wesselius retires, practice renamed Macomber & Affeldt Veterinary. Dr. Jason Humphrey joins the practice.
2005: Dr. Humphrey becomes a partner. Clinic now named Cascade West Veterinary Hospital, still located at 1210 S. Gold Street.
2006: Dr. Macomber retires from practice.
2007: January: Dr. Dina Wild joins the practice as an associate. June: Dr. Chet Iverson joins the practice as an associate. July: Dr. Whearty retires.
2009: June: Dr. Ashley Ritter (granddaughter of practice founder Dr. William Ritter) joins the practice as an associate.
August 2009: Construction begins on new facility, located across the street from 1210 S. Gold location, at the former Twin City Sale barn site.
2010: Cascade West Veterinary moves into the new hospital and opens for business on May 24.
2011: July: Dr. Erin Ruminski joins the practice as an associate.
2013: Dr. Iverson becomes a partner.
2015: July: Dr. Sara Howard joins the practice as an associate.


Cascade West Veterinary Hospital Doctors | Rear: Dr. Wild, Dr. Humphrey, Dr. Affeldt
Front: Dr. Ruminski, Dr. Ritter, Dr. Iverson


Cascade West Veterinary Hospital Techs | Rear: Laurie, Toni, Kristen
Front: Terra, Darlene